Wheel Chair Ramps


Our Wheelchair Ramps

Whatever you need your stage for, safety and access and two of the most important features they can have. At Stagehire services, we are committed to this. Our specialists can build wheelchair ramps and moveable risers, providing greater overall experience and service. Wheelchair ramps are just one of a range of accessories we can provide to create extra usability and flexibility for you.

If you’re interested in a custom built wheelchair ramp for a stage of any kind, contact us today to discuss your requirements.


Other Accessories

As well as wheelchair ramps for stage hire, we can provide a range of other accessories for you. These can aid you in a range of ways, from safety to accessibility and more. These include:

Stage skirts

Additional steps

Perspex side covers

Chair stops

Safety railings

Curved segments


And more

Open Up Your Events

Having the option of custom made ramps provides greater options for everyone to access your events, from staff to performers and guests. Our ramps allow increased mobility while assuring a safe and stable environment for chair users. We can create and install the system for you, leaving you to enjoy the extra benefits.


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To discuss your mobility needs with our team or to enquire about any of our ramps or accessories, contact our team at Stagehire Services today. Call or email us to organise delivery, setup and dismantling 24/7!