Perspex Stage DEX

Perspex 053 10x4 8x2 catwalk

The Prolyte Perspex Stage DEX are our newest product for extraordinary stage setups. Amazing light effects are possible with the semi-transparent surface. There are nearly no limitations to light designs because the space underneath the stage is almost free for equipment. Special connectors are available which are hidden and can’t be seen even without skirts.

Perspex 049 8x1 extension 4x2 catwalk

Our Prolyte Perspex Stage DEX can be safely used both indoors and outside and can be installed on most surfaces. They can be used for stages, catwalks, and car display. The best light effects can be achieved with heights of 300, 400 and 600mm. For these heights the sides of the stages can also be covered with perspex sheets.

Perspex 025 14x1 extension 3x2 catwalk

The Prolyte Perspex Stage DEX are fully compatible with our Standard Stage DEX. So also a combination of Perspex Stage DEX and Standard Stage DEX is possible to create special effects.

Perspex 067 2x1PP 6x1PP 10x2 10x1

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