General Information

Our Prolyte Stage DEX System is the strongest and most versatile staging system on the market for building temporary and demountable stages.

The system is modular with heights of 200, 300, 400, 600 and 900mm and lightweight with a loading capacity of up to 750kg/m2 (500kg/m2 for Perspex DEX)


The standard size of our Prolyte Stage DEX is 2m x 1m.


We provide Prolyte Stage DEX 1m x 1m e.g. to set up stages with an odd number of area (3m x 5m, 7m x 7m etc.)


Quarter round modules with a radius of 1m are available to set up quarter, half or full circles, e.g. special stands for singers or wider steps in front of the stage.

Other shapes are available upon request.

Our stages are constructed using aluminium framing from a specially extruded profile. The plywood surface has a non-skid, water-resistant top layer that is highly durable. A flat surface is guaranteed with the self-levelling and interlocking system.

Suitable for use indoors and outdoors, our stages are great for every type of event – from corporate events to outdoor festivals!

Accessorise your stage with steps, stage skirts, different types of covers, chair stops as well as safety railings. We also specialise in building wheelchair ramps and movable risers.