We provide accessories and special parts for several needs. Our Stages and Catwalks always come with a black Stage Skirt and one Step. Additional steps are available if necessary. All our legs have adjustable rubber feet.

Perspex 062 4x3

Originally designed for our unique Perspex Stage DEX, the Perspex Side Covers can also be used for our standard Stage DEX if you want to light a stage from underneath. The effect is even better when you cover the stage with perspex, vinyl or carpet.

Movable riser 2x2

Chair Stops are additional safety parts if chairs are used on Stages or Tiered Risers. We also provide 1100mm high child proof Safety Railings for Stages or Tiered Risers. With our Wheels it is possible to create movable stages, e.g. for drum set risers on existing stages.

Special 011 ramp

We also set up Wheelchair Ramps and for special occasions we provide Curved Segments for quarter, half or full circles.

See Gallery for some examples or Contact us for more information and a free quote.