General Information

Our stages are constructed using aluminium framing from a specially extruded profile. The plywood surface has a non-skid, water-resistant top layer that is highly durable.

Prolyte Stage DEX

Our Prolyte Stage DEX can be safely used both indoors and outside and can be installed on most surfaces. They can be used for stages, catwalks, tiered risers and car display.

Perspex Stage DEX

The Prolyte Perspex Stage DEX are our newest product for extraordinary stage setups. Amazing light effects are possible with the semi-transparent surface.

Stage Cover

Carpets can be used for all kinds of events and for stages and catwalks. Vinyl in different colours or even with patterns creates a special look for catwalks or stages


We provide accessories and special parts for several needs. Our Stages and Catwalks always come with a black Stage Skirt and one Step.

Wheelchair Ramps

At Stagehire services, we are committed to this. Our specialists can build wheelchair ramps and moveable risers, providing greater overall experience and service.