Our business is all about service with solutions delivered, assembled and dismantled – leaving you free to organise your event. We use a flexible, superior system that allows setups for individual requirements.

We provide:
  • Catwalks
  • Tiered Seating Risers
  • Stands for speakers and/or musicians
  • Camera risers
  • Extensions to existing stages
  • Moveable drum risers
  • Wedding table elevation
  • Car Displays

This site is designed to provide you with key information and ideas. Click on the pictures to help you visualize different staging types and accessories or have a look at Products for detailed information.

Each event is unique - as part of our service we are happy to offer advise specific to your needs. We will discuss your location and usage requirements and advise accordingly. Whether you've just started planning or have no time for planning, we're here to help!

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